Laray Viscometer Type T

 Article number: 535.000.100

Laray Viscometer: designed to measure the viscosity of viscous materials, especially of varnish, high viscous oils and paste printing inks.

The Laray Viscometer was designed to measure the viscosity of viscous materials, especially of varnish, high viscous oils and paste printing inks with a viscosity between 2 and 200 Pa.s, according to the falling rod principle conform ISO 12644 or DIN 53222.
The IGT Laray Viscometer comes with PC data transfer and viscosity calculation software.

Measures the relative velocity of two parallel surfaces separated by a thin film of the measured material when a certain force (weight) is applied on the rod. This movement is hindered by the viscosity of the measured material, the drop time is measured with different weights. The time to fall of the rod between 2 points with a distance of 100 mm is determined. Rod and collar can be temperature controlled. Delivered with weights of 50, 100, 200 and 500 g for a range of 50 – 1000 g, step 50 g.

Dimensions(L x W x H):0cm x 0cm x 0cm
Main application:Viscous paste inks
Conformance with standards/W-leaflet:ISO 12644, ASTM D4040, DIN 53222
Water bath and temperature:external 15 – 30
Speed range and modes:
Substrate requirements:
Printing shafts type and options:
Shaft positioning:
Lifting system:Manually
Print length and width:
Printing discs:
Sector positioning:
Sector type and options:
Doctoring system:
Dispensing system:
Pre-programmed tests:
Analysis options:Spreadsheet to calculate the viscosity
Software updates:
Data export options:USB/RS232
Additional items:535.004.501 Laray ringweight 500 g.: 404.001.024.002 Lint free cleaning towel white – box approx. 9 kg
404.001.024.003 Lint free cleaning towel white – roll approx. 2.5 kg
Inks or liquids:
Inking speeds:
Inking programs:
Top rollers:
Maintenance:Yearly. The annual maintenance and calibration of the tester can be carried out by IGT Testing Systems or companies authorized by IGT Testing Systems. Information can be obtained from your supplier or the local agent.
Compatible instruments:
Measurement range:10 – 300 Pa.s
Light source/ power/angle:
Shelf life:
Use life:
Description of property:
Power Supply Requirements:100
Guarantee:Standard one year
Space requirements:0.7 m_
Standard delivery time:6-8 weeks


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